Worship and focusing on God

Day 3 – Church this morning was amazing. The presence of the Lord was so strong in the church. It started with worship in Spanish, with the words translated onto the screen in English. We knew some songs, and others were easy to pick up on. Most of the songs were about giving God the glory. The people were very welcoming, inviting us to join in the high energy worship party. The title of the message was Requirements of the Kingdom, and the pastor spoke about planting seeds and obeying God’s will. The pastor spoke in Spanish, and his wife Juliana translated into English for us.

After the church service, we walked to a mall, which was similar to malls we are used to. The food was also similar to home today. We ate at Taco Bell and a chicken restaurant like Chick-fil-A. During the day, we explored the town and saw one of the oldest churches in Latin America along with many other unique buildings. We also looked through the market, and it was really cool to see all of the exotic, cultural items. We are getting better at bartering when buying souvenirs, which has been a unique experience since most of us have never had to do that before.

One of our favorite parts of the day was the drive to “Cerro de la Cruz Mirador,” which is a cross overlooking the whole city of Antigua and the Volcano Agua. We were with Ileana (Louis’ wife), my dad (Jamie), Isaac, Amsi and Nathan (Louis’ kids). The kids speak a little English, and on the car ride Ileana put on English worship music. We were all singing along to Roar by Brandon Lake, and it made a big impact because their love and passion for God is evident in how they worship.

Tomorrow, we are looking forward to beginning painting, digging and teaching English to the students. Thank you for your continuous prayers and support.

Andrew & Caleb