Ask the MCA

Anyone in the Maranatha community can tell you about the Maranatha Difference. We asked a few people to share the impact this school has had on their lives. You can also hear from our graduates. We hope you will consider all these experiences as you decide whether your family is a good fit for our family.

Our Families

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Father of two children

“We have noted significant growth in their faith and their knowledge of the Word of God.”

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Mother of six children

“It’s a flourishing, fruitful fellowship in Christ, and the benefits your children will receive from being a part of it each week … are priceless.”

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Father of one child

“Teachers at MCA are truly sincere and kind to all kids. They will not only teach them knowledge but how to be Christian and how to treat their friends based on the word of the Bible.”

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Mother of three children

“Not only do [the teachers] challenge the students academically, they’re genuinely invested in the spiritual growth and spiritual needs.”

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Mother of two children

“Maranatha has been there for our family in 3 major ways: to help equip, to help protect and to help support!”


Our Students

High School Student

“I like that the teachers really care about me and I get a lot of one on one attention with them. I like that I get to grow in my faith at school, and I also have lots of mentors here. It’s a really great school and a really great community and family, and I think you would really enjoy it here.”

Elementary Student

“I look forward to coming to Maranatha every day because I can’t wait to be taught. Bible, gym and math are my favorite classes and why Bible? I like that we learn about God. I hope to graduate from Maranatha because it’s a very nice school and I want to be here as a long as I can.”

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High School Student

“What I love most about the school is that in every class, the teachers point the lesson to Christ…” 


Alumni Families

Janis & Erwin Daichendt

Back in 1992, as our eldest daughter reached school age, we were very concerned about whose care and influence she (and eventually her sisters) would be under at school. Since we would be entrusting our girls to its care for 30 hours per week, we wanted a school that shared our biblically-based values and goals. We also wanted the teachers/coaches/mentors who would influence them to be trying to walk in a loving, respectful relationship with God like we were trying to do. We felt all these things would greatly impact who our girls would grow to be in mind and spirit. We were looking for a school that would partner with us in raising our girls to know, love and respect God and help them to hopefully choose to put their faith and trust in Jesus Christ as their Saviour. The primary responsibility in all this was ours, as their parents, but we hoped to have a school that worked alongside us during these crucial formative years. 


MCA did, indeed, become that partner and was a very positive part of shaping our girls mentally and spiritually. We are so thankful for the beautiful impact that Maranatha’s teachers, curriculum, extracurricular activities, coaches and mentors had in each of our daughters’ lives. We currently have 3 grandchildren living in Windsor, and we are delighted that they, too, will be attending MCA (our eldest grandson entered JK there this year). We continue to value and appreciate this school that has been such a blessing to our family.

Ministry Leaders

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Calvin Smith
Answers in Genesis Canada

“I would highly encourage parents to consider Maranatha Christian Academy to help infuse a solid education founded in the truth of God’s word…”

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Pastor Steve Vandyk
Essex Christian Reformed Church

“God knows everything that is in this universe. If we leave him out of our education, we miss the richness and wonder of our purpose here on this earth.”