Grade 12 Missions Trip Journals

Since 2003, MCA's Grade 12 classes have had the opportunity to travel internationally on a Missions trip. It is a chance for Maranatha to partner with established ministries in Central America and bless them with meaningful contributions. The students may participate in such activities as leading vacation Bible school, building homes, renovating and/or repairing schools and more. It is a chance for our students to see first-hand the effects of social injustice and to be challenged by cross-cultural differences. They are also given the opportunity to grow as leaders and disciple makers. Most importantly, the students experience God’s faithfulness themselves as they need to trust Him with their healthy, safety and finances necessary to make the trip a reality. The Missions trip builds on what students have learned in Grade 9 Bible, Grade 11 World Religions and Grade 12 Equity and Social Justice. They have many opportunities to serve locally before taking this international trip. Whether they are here in Canada or in another country, our students are challenged to be the light of the world and to listen to many who need to experience God’s personal love for them.
The students and teachers journal about their time away. Please enjoy reading their stories and viewing their photos.