Teaching English and preparing for the work

Day 4 – Today, we were back at the school to start the new week. We began our morning in the high school for chapel. Not only was the atmosphere filled with dancing, but the prayer was so powerful as well. Shortly after, we split into groups to begin our projects for the week. Some of us started our construction projects—digging a trench for the science building and painting railings. The rest of us joined Maranatha alumna Ella S. in her English classes throughout the day. It was encouraging to see the students’ excitement to use what they have been learning in conversations with us. 

Just before noon, a group of us left the school to deliver a hamper full of grocery items to a student’s family. While there, she told us about how they were involved in the school, their family’s hobbies and their current struggles. It was an eye-opening experience to sit in their living room and share stories together. We had the opportunity to pray for them and their extended family and to offer encouragement for their situation. 

Even though the school day was finished, our work was far from over. We split into groups again to walk around the neighborhood passing out invitations for our VBS (Vacation Bible School) that will be running for the rest of the school week. We finished our evening playing soccer with the community. It was quite the challenge, but the Canadians held their own. It was a full day, but we are looking forward to finishing our work throughout the week. 

– Ashlynn & Violet