An earthquake, a volcano and more

Day 2 – The excitement of the day began when some of us woke up to the furniture shaking … or was it a dream? We didn’t know, so we went back to sleep. At breakfast, our Global Shore contact Luis asked if anyone felt the earthquake. That’s when we put two and two together (there was an earthquake!) and added one more exciting memories of the trip. Don’t worry, we are all fine!

Later in the day, walking through the markets was a whole new experience. The raw meat section was interesting, and the smell left an impression on us. However, we really enjoyed finding the unique souvenirs and learning more about the culture. Lucas was the star of the show by negotiating with the sellers at the markets to get the lowest price. At the end of the day, we all got a variety of souvenirs to bring home.

After exploring the shops in Antigua, we stopped at Lune de Miel where we got to choose between savory or sweet crepes and enjoyed good conversation. We then got on the bus and headed towards Volcano Pacaya.

Going up the volcano was a challenge. The steepness of the hill made it feel like a long workout! However, throughout the pain we made lasting memories, and at one of our stops we ate marshmallows toasted over the volcano. The beautiful view left all of us speechless, and it was so amazing to see a new and different part of the world.

As we go to sleep now, the community around us is celebrating something. We can’t wait to see what tomorrow holds.

-Leah, Brooke & Allysyn