Thursday, February 1

Thursday, February 1

Woke up, bus, slept. Woke up, church, slept. Woke up, bus, slept. Woke up, food, slept.

From the perspective of Matteus Di Pietro

Today we went to Camarones where we worshipped with the local Christian church. Our worship team played a song and we also enjoyed special music and dance from others in the church. We were also given a brief history of the church and the ministries they were doing. At the end of the service we had delightful box lunch. While we had planned to play baseball in the town, we were unable to use the baseball diamond, but that did not spoil our fun. On our walk with the Cuban people to the town center, we enjoyed each other’s company and tried many of the delightful treats that the city had to offer. Many of the towns’ people came around to witness the Cuban church with the Canadians.

Shortly after arriving at the town centre we started playing friendly games of basketball and soccer. We played a game of basketball ball to 5 points. We beat the Cubans 5 to 0 and shortly found out that one of the players was the local Cuban basketball coach. The local school kids came out and we played many games with them. We then walked back and enjoyed beans and rice AGAIN.

After eating our meal, we presented the pastor of the church with sports equipment to be used in their ministry. The Cuban people were thrilled to receive the donation as it would have been very costly for them to purchase the equipment on their own. One of the people in the church said that a used aluminum baseball bat like that would be worth around 1500 Cuban pesos.

Special shout out to Yunia whose birthday is tomorrow.

From the perspective of Christer Bunce