Wednesday, January 31

Wednesday, January 31

This morning proved difficult to get up as usual. Furthermore, many of the students have been feeling under the weather lately. However, the sunrise this morning was something special, indescribable. As we walked to breakfast, many fellow students could be seen doing their daily devotions by the ocean. The beautiful scenery along with the positive attitude of the students created an atmosphere that boosted morale, which would last the entire day.

Today our main task was to do work on a farm that also served as a church for the local farming community. For many students, it was the first time being on a farm. The students were split into three groups. One group cleaned up the church and primed the fruit trees. Another group erected fences and put up barbed wire. The last group started the construction of a hurricane-proof community food storage. Although the tasks were tedious, the students found joy working for the benefit of the community.

The lunch prepared by the women of the church was spectacular. They managed to cook a giant pot of rice and pork, which looked like enough to feed “five thousand” people. The group seated themselves among the farm animals, enjoying their meals while playing with chickens, puppies, piglets, and horses. Amongst all the animals, the most popular of all was the 3-month old puppy named Princess. The students took turns cuddling the dog, making the other animals jealous. Before long, every student could be seen chasing chickens, holding piglets, and enjoying the farming scene.

The students managed to complete the work assigned to them and traveled back to the hotel. Many students went swimming at the beach and exploring the vast ocean floor underneath the waves. Before supper, we gathered one more time as a team to worship and share our ‘roses and thorns.’ Mr. Fuller concluded the session by reminding us just how much the people appreciated our help and how grateful they were to be able to share what they had with fellow believers.

-Sam and Shane