Day 4

Day 4: Hola from El Tizate!

We began our fourth day with a time of worship, singing a few of our favourite songs and praying for the day. Then we headed to the historical capital city of Antigua nearby, which has been replaced by Guatemala City.

We experienced a part of the Guatemalan culture which both inspired us and moved our hearts. It was amazing to see how people cope with their difficult and different living situations. We got to see this different culture by walking through the town Antigua where we did a walk through of the market place and one of us, not naming names (Alannah), had to shield her eyes from fear of seeing the dead animal carcasses (which had an interesting smell to say the least).

Plaza del Arco (Plaza of the Arch).

Next on the tour were the ruins of the St. James Catholic Cathedral and the Cloistered Convent. Our tour guide, Alfredo (yes, like the noodles), was there to share amazing stories and the history of the ruins. One of the team’s favourite moments of the day was in the basement of the convent, where the nuns used to gather for spiritual retreats and would walk around singing. We took our turn to take a moment and sing the Doxology Song together and the acoustics made our voices come alive. We wish we could upload it, but we will just have to show it to you when we get back. It was truly an amazing experience.


Our final event of the day was at a hike up a hill known as Cierra de la Cruz which was a treacherous journey for some. At the top of this hike, there was an amazing view of the city we had just walked through. We took some reflection time as well as many pictures we hope to share.

Back at the compound we took time to relax and refresh for the week ahead before supper. After supper we gathered for our own worship time again, sharing about the things God has been showing us, singing and praying together. We look forward to all that is to come like spending time with the kids, hosting VBS, and new things. Thank you for all your prayer, support, and love. Buenos Noches (Goodnight)!

Brianna, Josie, Alicia