Day 5

Day 5: Food Basket Run!

The day started off with another walk all the way up the hill to the school, to see all our little friends again. As we walked up the hill, Simon had the bright idea of sprinting up the hill, in attempt to beat everyone to the top. Unfortunately, our hero only made it half way, until he had to stop, gasping for breath. The morning devotions at CCAF started off with incredibly moving worship with the students. Then after devotions, we were split into two groups: one to work construction, and one to drop off food for a family of the school.

We were warmly welcomed by a very nice man, named Israel. Israel is a tour guide in the city of Antigua, so he knew a fair bit of English. He told us a story of his cherished daughter, Sarah, who was now a student of CCAF, after previously attending a local Catholic School. The family was a broken one, filled with divorce, and awkward parenting situations; the mother was not willing to put in the effort to know her daughter. The mother left the family to live with a boyfriend in Guatemala City; and doesn’t visit. Israel cares dearly about his daughter’s future, and her education. He also wants her to have a strong relationship with Jesus Christ. Catholic School did not have the spiritual values that Israel wanted Sarah to have in her education; so, he moved her to CCAS. He even stayed up all through the night the day before registration day so that he could register Sarah. The story of Israel and Sarah shows that even among so much brokenness in relationships, there can still be hope if you have faith in God.

by Simon, Krates, & John