Day 2

Day 2: Accomplishments and learning about life in a harder place

Hola fellow citizens of Canada!

Today was a wonderful day in Guatemala. We accomplished a ton of things. First, we walked up the treacherous hill for the second time and it was worse. Then we got assigned to a classroom with three other classmates. The kids are sooooooooo adorable! We then moved into worship and the kids sang even louder than yesterday, which we didn’t think was possible. We ate with them and then got pulled away to help the high school kids (Grades 10-12) with their English. They knew a lot more English than many expected. We had conversations with them and learned about their hobbies and favourite colours. We then played Hangman and other English games with them and it was a lot of fun.  

After that we continued on with our work projects: painting the school and doing construction on one of the local families’ houses. Today was hotter than yesterday, and so it was harder to work out in the sun, but we accomplished many things at the house like bringing another truckload of cinder blocks and mixing cement for the foundation of the rooms. The painting is coming along well and the scaffolding is still sketchy, but we are making it work. The wall is bumpy, which makes the painting tough, but we are pulling through.  

We experienced our first major inconvenience: the water stopped working while some of us were showering. Lauren was the only one who got stuck in the shower with shampoo in her hair.   

For lunch we went again to some locals’ houses and the food was very good. They are so hospitable and kind to us.  

After lunch we came back to the casa and played cards, prepped for VBS, and ate supper.

— Ire, Lauren and Hanna