Day 3

Day 3: Waking up with a bang, and a hallelujah in convent basement

Day 3 in Guatemala started with a BANG, a literal bang! At 5:00 a.m. we woke up to firecrackers. Some thought it was a volcano erupting, an earthquake or someone walking on the roof. Knowing we got to sleep in until 7:00 a.m. instead of 6:00 a.m., we fell right back to sleep (some of us). 

After breakfast we headed down the hill to go on the busses headed for Antigua (15-20 minutes). When we got there, we walked through the market and struggled to stay together because it was so crammed with people. Many were buying fresh produce and meat. Some students and chaperones were disgusted by the smells and sights when passing chopped up animals (PIG HEAD). We then met Galileo who was our tour guide in Antigua. We went to a bishop’s palace, church and a convent. Mia’s favorite part was singing hallelujah in the basement at the convent because the acoustics were so echoy (Mia’s choice of words and spelling).

After our tour with Galileo, we went out to lunch at “Luna De Miel” and ate crepes with fresh smoothies. Some students split two crepes because there were sweet crepes and savory crepes. After lunch we followed Fred up a lot of stairs to see the layout of the city, and many took pictures here (looked too pretty to be real ~ Amy).

Hold on to your chair you are about to be amazed by what we experienced!! We broke up into groups to do some shopping and bargaining there was lots of variety. Hannah was happy with her bargaining because she got three scrunchies for 20 Q’s instead of the regular price one for 10 Q’s she later got two more scrunchies for 12Q’s. There was even some competition between the boys in the class to see who could bargain the lowest. Some paid 20 Q’s for two bracelets while others paid 10 Q’s for two. Dinner was delicious as always. Our day ended in free time.

Tomorrow another adventure awaits (climbing a volcano………).

By Mia, Amy and Hannah

“Too pretty to be real'” observed one student