A new VBS and a dip in the ocean

Day 9 – When we finished breakfast this morning, we left for the coast to visit Luis’s sister’s family in Puerto San Jose. Because of heavy traffic we arrived a little later than expected at their church. All the kids were waiting for us, so we quickly set up for the last day of VBS. Despite the extremely hot weather and sleep deprivation from a week of hard work, we had a great time with the kids. It was a very successful day of VBS which included making shields, coloring pages, and lots of delicious snacks and treats.

After we wrapped up the VBS, we enjoyed a homemade lunch of fish and chicken and listened to the testimony of Jose Manuel and Dorcas. They shared a lot about how faithful God has been to them over the last 11 years. Their son Manuel just graduated and has been accepted at a prestigious university to major in medicine. They also adopted a girl who had been one of their first children to attend when they moved to Puerto San Jose to start the church.

We headed back to the bus and made our way to the ocean. The water was incredible and cooled us all down from the heat. Now we can all say that we have been in the Pacific Ocean even if we only dipped our toes in. We weren’t able to actually go swimming due to the dangerous undertow current. We stopped at a nearby hotel and were able to go swimming there. Some of us swam, some tanned and some just enjoyed relaxing at the pool after a tiring week.

We headed back onto the buses and all 24 of us (including other Canadians and Global Shore friends) made a pitstop at a small store to get some snacks for the trip back to the Casa. We had a late spaghetti and garlic bread dinner and now everyone is heading off to bed very quickly. Today was a great end to the week and we all enjoyed spending time with the kids at VBS and enjoyed the relaxation at the coast and at the pool. Tomorrow looks to be a full day as well and then we are coming home on Monday. We can’t wait to see you all.

– Brooke & Lucas