It’s hard to say goodbye

Day 8 – At the break of dawn, we woke to our final day of work at the school. It was our last trek up the hill. We participated in worship with the high school students, which included some of us standing on the stage to teach the rest of the school some of our worship moves. After completing worship, the groups divided into those finishing the trench and those teaching in English class. Later, we had our snack break from work and from teaching, and then played with students at recess. A few went on the final hamper run to the home of a single parent with two children in the school while others continued to help in English. At the closing of the school day, it was devastating to realize that this would be our last day with the students.

Shortly after our return from school, we prepped and led VBS. The lesson of VBS was on the armour of Christ. Then, the children joined us by playing games, dancing and worshipping. Again, the kids split off into groups for snack, another craft and the last went to colour a picture. As we concluded in VBS, the Guatemalan leaders brought all of us Canadians together to pray a blessing over us and a prayer of thanksgiving for the work we had done. It was overwhelming to hug most of the children for the last time.

At the end of the day, we gathered around the fire with our Global Shore leaders and shared some of our personal experiences and takeaways from this missions trip to Guatemala.

– Allysyn and Epeus