By Jacob Broom, Joel Yzerman, and Don Belanger

A game of Octopus tag at the start helped get everyone rowdy and excited.

            Today was a very special day for our team down here in Guatemala.  It was the first day of VBS, or Vacation Bible School. This was going to happen at 3:30pm, so from our 6:00am wake time we had a lot of time to kill before this occurred. So, we went through our regular morning routines and ended up in the high school devotions this morning. It was just as good as last time. We participated in it and it was a refresher for all of us, since we are tired from the early wake up times. After this we had to help out in a high school English class and elementary English classes. The high school students were just as good as I expected from previous classes with them, but I was surprised by how advanced the grade 7 class was for their age.

‘Angel’ Steve appeared to close the lion’s mouths in our skit about Daniel in the lion’s den.
This was followed by three stations; crafts, music and snack, and games where we played a hyper version of cat and mouse.

            After the English classes were done, we got to continue work on painting the school. We are currently finishing up the high school as their front and side walls need to be painted white. We have scaffolding to use to get to the really high spots, and though it’s a bit old it’s stable. Some of us got to play a little bit of soccer with the Guatemalan children. It was super fun and they are very good. At 1:30 we went back to the ‘plantation’ to get ready for lunch. We went out into the community like the other days and had lunch held by some locals. After lunch we got ready and prepared for the VBS.

Ruth (people) and Luke (God) helped Natalie show that trusting God makes it easier to handle our problems (balloons).

            To prepare for VBS, some of us practiced skits and others got the different stations ready; they were games, crafts, and songs. During the VBS we did a skit of Daniel in the lion pit, we sang Spanish worship songs, played games like octopus and cat and mouse, and a crafts station so the kids could create crafts to bring home. The kids loved it and it was a nice safe environment for them to learn about God and have fun with other kids. After VBS we had dinner and then devotions, during devotions we sang three worship songs, did the rose and thorn, and then talked in groups about Saul’s transformation and Gods light through people in the world. Thus concluding our day.

He wasn’t allowed into the VBS fun, even though he only lived across the street (definitely NOT a stray), but he made some Canadian friends afterwards.