Letting Our Good Deeds Shine/Painting

Letting Our Good Deeds Shine/Painting

By Aaron Owsley and Steve Hu

Today was a very rough morning, because most people had got into the habit of sleeping in an extra hour and a half, waking up was a struggle. We had a very delightful breakfast, and then we went back into our usual routine. We walked up the hill leading to CCAF (the school). Many people had a hard time walking up the hill because yesterday we had hiked up nearly an entire volcano. Once we arrived at the top we were greeted once again by the children who were very excited to see us. Their happiness was very apparent. After we hung out with the children in the classes we transitioned into worship time. The worship was extremely powerful and heartwarming to us, you could really see the love that the children had for God.

After the morning devotion was over, we started our favourite part of the day – painting. We put a second coat of yellow paint on the walls below the school’s soccer field, and then put a second coat of white paint on a section of the wall on the outside of the high school. Then we moved on to work on applying a first layer of white paint on more of the outside of the high school. While a majority of students worked on this project, others painted railings black (with oil paint) which supposedly smelled terrible, some played soccer with the kids and others worked on helping the teachers by doing various tasks such as: creating cue cards, laminating books, etc..

After a hard day of work, we walked back to our compound at around 1:30. We then prepared to go out to lunch at the houses of local Guatemalans. Everybody said that they enjoyed their meals and were very impressed by the hospitality of the families.

When we came back from a filling lunch we started to make preparations for the Vacation Bible School (Tue – Thu). Some high school students from CCAF came to our compound to help us with the preparations. We then broke up into different groups and walked around El Tizate, handing out invitations to the vacation Bible school, as well as giving candy to the kids.

When we were done handing out invitations to the Guatemalan people, we came back to a delicious meal prepared by Clara, a Guatemalan lady who comes in to cook. It was a very delicious meal once again. After dinner we had a devotions time, sang songs and talked about respect and Gods light. Once we were done devotions we had free time until our curfew. Overall it was a very fun and productive day!