Our Trip Begins!

10 Day Mission Trip to Guatemala Begins!


“We arrived in Guatemala City at around 9:00 pm ET.  [Day 1] went so smoothly and seamlessly right from the get go!  We arrived in Toronto with lots of time to spare.  Flights and customs were uneventful.  Many of us are feeling physically weary but lots of smiles and excitement within the group!  We appreciate everyone praying for us and this trip.” — Mrs. Stephanie Driedger (Team Leader) 

It will be a full day of travelling for our MCA team of 24 students and six chaperones today. They left Windsor bright and early, and they are making their way to Toronto for the flight to Central America. They expect to arrive late today.

This year, our Gr. 12 students are returning to Guatemala with Global Shore Opportunities (GSO).  MCA first went to Guatemala in 2016, and we have maintained good connections with the ministry there.  Some of our families continue to support the school and students, while some have returned to work with the GSO summer program. 

Global Shore Opportunity (GSO) is a mission organization located in El Tizate, Guatemala.  This mission organization desires to
“raise up disciples of Christ through education”.  GSO ‘s primary ministry is their school Colegio Cristiano Avivando al Fuego (CCAF).  CCAF provides a strong Christian academic program and also offers an English language program for Guatemalan children.  Most of the teachers and school staff are local people.  Some of the teaching staff are Canadians volunteering their time to the English program.  All of the staff are dedicated Christ followers. 

Our students will have an opportunity to work with students learning English, help with maintenance on the school property, hand out food hampers and share God’s Word to local families.  They will also be ministering to the local community through church programs such as youth events and VBS.  GSO has an excellent website with much more information about the organization and the ministries in El Tizate.  Please feel free to take a look at their information at www.globalshore.org.

Here are some ways that you can pray for our team of 24 students and six chaperones.  Please pray:

  1. That each member of the team would grow in their relationship with God and understand his love for all people.
  2. That they would be able to encourage Christians in Guatemala, building friendships with them.
  3. That each member of the team will be open to be used by God to minister to the community in Guatemala.
  4. That the team would be united and work together, leaving a strong testimony to God’s glory.