Touchdown . . . the wheels, that is . . .

The Journey has Begun!

Detroit, Miami, Managua.

Day One – Nicaragua 2016

After two relatively uneventful flights filled with short naps by almost everyone, we arrived in Managua, Nicaragua with all our bags. We discovered that airports are a pretty good place to relax and get to know each other a bit better, and we really didn’t miss math, science, history, etc. nearly as much as we thought we would 🙂 .

After soaring above the clouds, the plane began to descend coming out over the west coast of Central America on the edge of the Pacific Ocean. Nicaragua on the right at first, as the plane circled into the airport. Despite two years of abbreviated rainy seasons, there is a rugged beauty here, both in the city and in the countryside.

We were met by our hosts, ABWE missionaries Richard and Cari Woughter who took us to the Centro de ABEM and helped us to settle in. This location serves a multitude of purposes for the ministries here, including hosting Canadian students who are traveling on a missions trip.

As we drove from the airport to the camp location, we learned a lot about the city of Managua and its history; earthquakes, typhoons, political unrest and poverty have shaken the city over the last few decades. Like most cities, the streets are busy and people have places to go, lives to manage and families to provide for.

Once we were settled and able to relax a bit, including a quick dip in the pool for some of us, supper was served. There was a good sense of satisfaction that we were there and settled. We closed the evening with a bit of orientation before stumbling off to bed.

So . . . “Good night, family and friends.” We are here and as always . . . God is good.