The Bois are Back in the Big M!

The Bois are Back in the Big M!

Day 9 – Nicaragua 2016

Hello again! The bois are back; DJ Khaleb, The White Mamba, and the Aforementioned Individual. We are writing to you from Best Western Managua, right across the street from the airport where we will fly out tomorrow.

In the wee hours of this morning (mas o menos), The White Mamba and Musical Knees (Mr. Fuller), were rudely interrupted by DJ Khaleb while they were reading and doing journals; who, with a vast amount of mumbling, was sitting on the side of his bunk bed over top of Jared, vacantly staring at the wall. When Mamba yelled “What are you doing?!” to Khaleb The Sleepwalker, he stared right into The Mambas soul. Musical Knees took initiative (because Mamba was scared half to death) and quietly told him to go back to bed; and without any more mumbling, Khaleb went back to sleep (for now)…

After waking up, the crew had breakfast and departed for Volcano Mombacho, near the capital of Managua (2 hours away). The mountain is covered by a forest reserve where the main attraction was a course of eleven ziplines. Here, we learned to fly like Superman and swing like monkeys, all while being very, very uncomfortable because of the diaper-like-harnesses.

After zip lining and a quick Papa John’s pizza lunch, we drove to the local market and bought various gifts and presents for friends and family back home in a matter of two hours. The Aforementioned Individual bought himself a set of grape peelers and various other mechanisms. From the market, we drove straight to the Best Western as mentioned before. {Now we are sitting around a campfire singing Spanish Kumbaya, and eating roasted plantains}, or This might be what Khaleb was dreaming about this morning.

So, to pick up where we left off about DJ Khaleb and his nightime adventures, about an hour after the previous episode of Khaleb The Sleepwalker, he surprised us yet again. With more mumbling and rummaging around in his sleep, Khaleb stopped for a split second and shot his arms upward with great velocity and grunted. After about five seconds in this position Khaleb fell back into his sleep. Yet again, ten minutes later, Khaleb let out another ferocious grunt and shot his legs up.

So, to wrap the day up, it was filled with lots of sight seeing of gorgeous Nicaragua and screaming at goats while sleepwalking and bargaining with locals.

[P.S. The girls were a little misleading about being sick of pancakes, chicken and rice. We all had a taste of these meals and never got a chance to have them again on this trip. On that note, as a welcome home meal, we all would love to have some pancakes, chicken and rice smothered in syrup.]

This has been a “walk to remember”,
signing off – The Bois:

DJ Sleepwalker Khaleb, The White Mamba, Jared The Aforementioned Individual and Musical Knees, Sayonara <3