Coming Home with a Smile!

Coming Home with a Smile!

Just a quick post to let you know that we have made it home. We started with a leisurely wake up, breakfast and some down-time at the hotel, then checked out at 11:00 am. A short walk across the street and we were at the airport and began the usual process of checking our luggage in and collecting our boarding passes. A quick lunch, some final tourist type purchases and we were through customs and on the plane for Miami. Our flight was smooth and on time.

Miami, on the other hand, was not so smooth, as we hopped from one line to another trying to complete immigration and feeling like circus animals jumping through hoops. With only 2 hours and 45 minutes to get from the first plane to the next, we had to move as quickly as we could, but even still it was a full hour and 45 minutes before we were standing at our departure gate. Everyone scrambled to grab some supper in the 30 minutes before they began boarding and then we were on the plane to Detroit. [I did try to connect in Miami and post a blog, but I was unable to make a connection.]

Our flight to Detroit went very smoothly [if you don’t count a little bit of turbulence] arriving 20 minutes early. Somehow during the long awaited chaos of greeting family, we were able to collect our bags and as I write this now, I am hoping that everyone is home and crawling into their beds. God blessed our socks off on this trip, but we are glad to be home.

Thank you for reading our blogs, patiently waiting for some logical explanations and praying for us. To each of you students, “well done, good and faithful servants”. God has used you to plant seeds in Nicaragua. Sleep well.

Blessings in Christ,
David A. Fuller (on behalf of Kae Anne Di Pietro, Andrew and Marianne Nunn)
P.S. Caleb, we will be praying for you tomorrow. DAF
P.P.S. We will try to post some final pictures to the blog between now and Monday. DAF