A Lil’ bit of everything ….

A Lil' bit of everything and Alottle bit of bites

Day 8 – Nicaragua 2016

[With no internet access Tuesday evening and an early departure from Sebaco, we were unable to post for Tuesday, out last day of ministry. However we are now at a hotel across from the airport and will make our final posts from here before tomorrow’s departure at midday.]

Hey Muchachos and Muchochas, sorry for the late posting… but we’re okay so that’s good! Today was the last day of ministry work before returning to dear old Canada :(. After breakfast (I’m sure you can guess what we had) we went back to the church plant to do a program with the kids (songs, a message, activities etc). There were a few more kids than yesterday (about 20), all very excited to come back again. Some even skipped school just to attend both sessions. We did a lot of singing with the kids (and without the kids … better be prepared for us to burst out in Spanish songs at any given moment).

On the way back to the base we stopped at a museum of archeological finds from the Sebaco area. We learned about the Indian’s that had lived in the area, the always changing currency of Nicaragua and weapons people killed each other with (just spears and stuff… that was cool). We even got to hear a scary legend told by Louis, the local pastor (and no it was not used as an illustration in a sermon).

After a quick lunch and bathroom break at the home base (some fish/steak creation (no one knew what we were eating) and you guessed it…rice) we headed back for round two of programming at the church plant. This time there were more kids than chairs. These kids were very enthusiastic during worship and eager to shout out answers while Mrs.Nunn was teaching (none of us students knew what was going on but it was funny to watch). Then afterwards we face painted almost every child there in about half an hour with either a corazon, mariposa, gato or flor (that’s right we learned some Spanish without google translate).

We then returned to base for dinner, a quick clean up and hopped in the van to head back to the church plant. Even though we were all very tired, of course, there was still energy to sing the only music that we have to possibly get stuck in our heads (you guessed it…. the Spanish kind, but now with a bigger selection than before, YAY!). Mr. Nunn then used us students in his sermon to perform 7 illustrations for the congregation to guess (we had no choice). By the way Spanish people don’t know the song “I’m a Little Teapot” so Hailey’s illustration didn’t go so well, which then consisted of Kylee attempting to teach the song and all it’s actions to Abel (A Nicaraguan seminary student who came with us to Sebaco).

At the end of the night we said goodbye to the people from the church and headed back to the base. It was a full day and the whole team was pretty exhausted soooo… we thought, why not leave the parents hanging for one night and just sleep instead?

Adios Amigos y Dios te Bendiga (you can look that one up too) – Kylee and Noemi

P.S. Mom I only have 27 bug bites.. oh wait now it’s 28.
P.P.S Speaking of which, Mrs. Brouwer Tori wants you to have lots of Calamine lotion ready for her many bites.
P.P.P.S When we get home we will be experiencing Nicaraguan food withdrawals so please be sure to make us a nice meal of pancakes, chicken, fruit and rice. Just kidding … DO NOT DO THAT… at all … please don’t … it’s not funny.
P.P.P.P.S It’s 29 now
P.P.P.P.P.S sorry for all the P.S.ing