Settling in with new foods and new friends

Day 1 – The day started with breakfast consisting of eggs, buns, beans, potatoes and orange juice. After breakfast we went on a short walk to the school called Colegio Avivando Al Fuego (CAF). After arriving, chapel had begun already, so we joined in worship with the kids. They provided lyrics in both English and Spanish for the songs. After worship, we toured the school, looking at all the work that had been completed. 

Lunch included rice and a Guatemalan national dish of chicken, rice, beans and potatoes. After lunch, we planned out the events for Vacation Bible School (VBS). Then, we had free time, which many either spent napping or playing card games including UNO and Dutch Blitz. Following free time, we were served dinner that included a chicken wrap with potatoes and tomatoes, and watermelon. Concluding the day, we sat around the fire sharing ideas about our expectations of this trip and what we anticipate might happen while we are here. 

– Christian & Epeus