Needing Fellowship

Day 6 – Today was very eventful. This morning we started with worship. Abbi and I (Hannah) both lost our voices, but said it was nice to hear the whole crowd singing the song “Tremble.” Mrs. & Mr. Nunn’s session covered believers’ resources, handling conflict and being a role model. (“Something that stuck with me was how certain things hinder your relationship with God. Sometimes relationships, events, and activities aren’t inherently sinful, but it’ll put a barrier on your relationship with God. Therefore, seeking God is imperative.” – Hannah) A fun activity we did today was canoeing. The beautiful day allowed us to spend a large portion of time outside, and we could finally see the full beauty of the water. Rolf Nanninga, a representative for the Christian university movement “Power2Change,” led us in an activity where some people knew where to canoe while others didn’t know the destination. This activity taught us how we need each other and other people as we’re going into our next adventure after high school. He also shared about his own journey and had us share about our plans. Going back inside, we read Acts 2:42-47, which talked about the early believers and how they were filled with the Spirit, learning, eating and growing in numbers together. This showed the importance of fellowship and finding a good group of people as we go away to university. Also, today, much like every day, there was a lot of good food.

– Hannah, Rebekah, Grace