Service Projects

Day 5 – Some of the students are doing presentations about the need for missionaries to be sent to different countries. Elise and Grace spoke about the Czech Republic, and Peter and Josh covered North Korea in the morning. In the evening, there were presentations from Grant about Haiti and Henry on South Sudan. These sessions always begin with a couple of worship songs led by the students.
Mr. Nunn from Beacon Bible camp taught a session when we learned all about the plan of salvation. Josh summarizes: “All of us have sinned, our sin condemns us, but Christ took our punishment. Salvation is not through works, and we must receive Christ – salvation that is forever.”
We also made lists as a group of what things we look forward to as we move on from high school, what things we are afraid of, and what things we are looking forward to growing in.
In the afternoon, we did some service projects around the grounds of the camp. Josh writes, “That included cleaning all 10 cabins, cleaning up the grounds by picking up sticks.” Since everyone worked so quickly, there was time to do a deep cleaning of the dining hall and the lounge known as the “town hall” – a favourite place of the students to hang out and play games. Holden says, “My job during the clean-up was to use a vacuum that was strapped to my back to clean up the floors and beds.” Peter adds: “It was indeed a meaningful experience as it revealed to us the essentiality of service as a merited deed out of which every godly Christian should carry.” The staff of the camp truly appreciated all the work done by the students to help them prepare for the arrival of more campers.
Peter was thrilled with an evening competition organized by Mrs. Allan and Mrs. Zdunich. “They challenged us to do a Fear Factor game, which required us to eat exotic foods that were not generally welcomed on North American dinner tables (snails, bugs, etc). My team, also made up of Grant, Joelle, won the game and $10 each to spend at the Tuck Shop.”
Before we headed off to bed, we all gathered in the Town Hall and shared some of the roses (highlights) and thorns (low points) of our trip so far. We are all feeling blessed to have a chance to get to know one another better, learn about God and grow in our faith.
Oh – and being guys, we have to mention food. Henry says: “we had really delicious food today. For breakfast, we had yogurt and granola. For lunch, we had pasta and an amazing salad. For dinner, we had fries and fish sticks, and that was the best food I ever had.”