More Rice? Chicken?

More Rice? Chicken?

Day Three – Nicaragua 2016!

We started our day at 6:30am and started our day with a good balanced meal containing rice, eggs, rice, toast, rice, salsa and rice. After breakfast, we got a front row seat to Hailey’s dubstep and Irish dancing. Following this phenomenon, we went on an adventure in the great humid outdoors where we saw the farm of Cari and Richard. We saw many different crops such as plantains, pineapple, papaya and yuca (fun fact: this is what they use to make tapioca).

We went back over to the property where we did some work and we continued doing the same things as yesterday, planting flowers, burning hay/dried up grass, etc. Today, the fire got out of control really fast due to all the surrounding hay and grass and a strong wind.

It made the work more interesting to watch people scramble to move the hay into the fire so the fire didn’t spread and throw water onto the wild burning hill (we lived out our grade 2 goals of becoming firemen – well, some of us did while others were planting flowers or taking a break *cough* tori *cough*).

After more rice and beef for lunch, we went back to visit the kids in Barrio Rosario where we continued to play games and sang songs with the kids. Something that was different about today was that we were able to teach English to some of the kids. This was a learning experience for both the kids and us as the leaders because the kids were teaching us how to pronounce the words in Spanish while we were teaching the kids how to say the words in English. It was incredible to see how easily the kids picked up on such simple words even though we weren’t able to communicate exactly what we wanted to say.

After we played with the kids, Cari and Richard thought it would be very funny to see us struggle over ordering food at the mall in Managua. This was extremely difficult and resulted with a lot of pointing and actions. It was basically a spontaneous game of charades. This brought laughter to a lot of employees.

Hailey Radmore and Victoria Brouwer
ps. mom here’s my thumbs up -Tori