Construction and Volcano Lakes

Construction and Volcano Lakes

Day Four – Nicaragua 2016

This morning the team woke up bright and early (really bright…really early) possibly more tired than when we went to bed the previous night. Some minor injuries and sunburns (I’ve been wearing sunscreen mom, I PROMISE 😉 ) and headed over to breakfast. To our surprise it wasn’t rice like yesterday … but pancakes and bacon. YAY!

After breakfast we were given the hard task of packing everything we could possibly need to prepare us for either construction work, entertaining kids, cooking food, going swimming, trekking up a volcano or going to the market. Let’s just say 15 minutes was not enough time to even decide what to wear (it was just too early)… but that’s fine because we’re running on Nicaraguan time… besides no matter what we do we are bound to get dirty, right?

Then we suffered through an approximately 1.5 hour car ride (traffic here is worse than Sunday drivers) on our way to La Concha church plant (Hailey had the most difficulty with this ride :p). Sure enough when we got there we got right to work, mixing concrete to go into the foundation of the soon to be auditorium. Others were cutting wire to make re-bar frames for cement posts, swept the basketball court (which was a lot harder than it sounds) and prepared lunch for the team and the other workers on site. Lunch was basically thrown together on the spot with much improvisation and taste testing, cooked over an open fire in a massive pot/bowl (frying pan/wok) that could feed an army (more rice this time too).

After lunch we headed back to the van for another 1.5 hour car ride (which we were not anticipating) headed toward the Laguna de Apoyo (a volcanic lake!). We were supposed to go see a live volcano, but … it turns out it’s too active (don’t worry we’ll be fine… i think… maybe…hopefully… pray for us? JUST KIDDING…[Mr. and Mrs. Woughter said that all the volcanoes are carefully monitored]). The lake was beautiful and actually located inside a volcano crater (don’t worry, this one wasn’t active). We got the chance to lounge in tubes, kayak, and swim , but it seemed the most fun of all was actually pushing each other off the dock in the middle of the lake, but mostly just Noah (sorry, not sorry). After what felt like a full day at the beach (it was really only 2 hours, we were just really tired), we headed back to the van for another 1.5 hour car ride before dinner.

As much as it has been a blast we are falling asleep typing thdkgldgfh. It was great to have a day of work andfun put together and the whole team is excited for what tomorrow brings!!
Peace 🙂
Noemi and Kylee