March Break In Nicaragua

March Break In Nicaragua

Day 7 of a Nicaraguan March Break 2016
(Monday, March 14)

The day started off bright and early again but this time with way more bug bites. The mosquito population is way higher in Sebaco than it was in Managua, so it’s taking some getting used to. Our day was filled with many different kid programs. We started off with about 10 kids for our morning program and we finished with about 50 kids in our afternoon program.

The first program was filled with songs, bible lessons, colouring pages and our own activities that we brought for the kids. Some kids were getting their face painted, some kids were making butterflies, some kids were playing spot it, etc. We finished off the morning with a lot of balloon animals which consisted of us doing our very best to make crazy things that the kids requested; Tori made an awesome balloon butterfly. After the morning, we headed back for some rice and chicken.

Bruce then took us on an adventure to see some Indian petroglyphs. He brought a tour guide that he called Indiana Jones of Nicaragua. There were many rocks we had to climb to get to all the different areas and some people went extra far and climbed higher up a cliff (shout out to Hailey’s short legs for stretching far enough). Mr Fuller was super relieved once we actually got back to safe ground but had to deal with a few cactus needles. This was a pretty neat thing to see because we don’t get to see this every day. All of us sweaty team members (especially Noah who hasn’t showered in 2 days – pray that he does tonight for our sake) hopped back into the van and headed back to the church for the afternoon kid program.

The afternoon program consisted of the same things as the morning program but was a little more complex since these kids were a little older. We returned back to the camp for some rice and pork/sausage and then headed back to the church for an evening service for the adults. Mr Nunn spoke in Spanish while Mr Fuller and Mrs Nunn each translated to 5 students so we could understand. We concluded our day with a group debriefing session (in honour of you Mr Winik).

“Peace out homies”
Hailey R. and Victoria B.