Church, Chuleta, and Chicken

Church, Chuleta, and Chicken

Day Six – Nicaragua 2016

Today was our last day at the Centro ABEM camp! It was sad to bid farewell to Richard and Cari, but we were still very excited to meet our next missionary hosts.

[We have moved from the city of Managua to a town in the interior called Sebaco where there is a church plant being developed. We will be here until Wednesday morning. As internet access is limited, we will be posting the following morning for the day before. This is Sunday’s post]

We headed off to an English church service held in Nicaragua Christian Academy, and we met with Bruce and Laura Edgar after the service there. Then we headed off to a grill restaurant, La Finca, for lunch. It was a beautiful restaurant and we had a great time bonding together and learning more about our new hosts.

[They served us two choices, either steak (chuleta) or chicken. Both were delicious.]

After lunch we all crammed into the van for a two-hour ride in the crazy heat to our new location, Sebaco. The camp was less than we were expecting, but we are slowly learning how to make it feel like home as we stay for the next three nights.

After we settled in, we went to a Spanish church service down the road, and the Nunn’s were able to translate for us. We went to dinner afterwards at a nearby restaurant and enjoyed the meal as we laughed together and joked around. Then we headed back to camp to meet and debrief about the day.

[The rooster was a visitor at the evening service and decided to settle in the tree for the night just as we were leaving.]

It has been another long, tiring and exciting day, but we are continuing to enjoy the moments spent together and the amazing people we meet along the way!

-Rachel M. and Rachel L.

[God has been very good to our team. Though we have had a couple upset stomachs, and a cold or two, he has given us good health and strength. Thank you for your prayers.]

P.S. Hailey wants to let her parents know that Mr. Fuller will ride home with them after we arrive at the Detroit airport as originally planned.