Day 9

Day 9: Finishing Up!

Victory at last! We finally accomplished the strenuous task of moving 2000 cinderblocks up onto the roof of the high school building. What was the saying again? Many hands make light work? Let’s just say that ‘light work’ left out the part about strained muscles and sour attitudes. In the end, we all agreed the outcome was well worth it and that talking about food only makes the work load harder.

Another major accomplishment was the finishing of the beautiful mural painted on the high school staff room wall. This piece of art was designed and managed by our art teacher Mrs. DeVries and assisted by Leah, Brianna, Emma and Alannah. Their talent was highly appreciated by the school, as it portrayed the school’s mission and left Maranatha’s mark upon its walls.

Although great things were accomplished here today, most of the students left the school in dreary spirits, having to say good bye to all our new-found friends and beloved students. The stampede of hugs and avalanche of affection will stay in all our hearts for a very long time.

Today was also the last day of VBS, which turned out to be a great success. More than 80 children were told the gospel message with the help of our Global Shore friends, Lexi and Christoph, and Mr. Fuller with the Salvation Bracelet. It has been a blessing to serve as leaders in the activities and dramas each night as well as a fantastic learning experience. Our work and time in Guatemala will be greatly missed, but that killer mountain of a hill will certainly not!

By Josie, on behalf of Alicia and Brianna