Day 8

Day 8: Moving Bricks, Planting Seeds

The grade twelve class continued working with the school today. For most of the day we moved cinder blocks to the roof of the secondary school building where they plan on adding another floor. With the supplies, we move from one location to another it helps the school develop more and at a faster pace.

During our snack break we listened to the stories of Christine, and Makayla; we learned of both their stories of how they were led to do missions work in Guatemala. Both teach in the primary school and have had a large amount of impact on a lot of the kids’ lives. Throughout their story, we learned of their struggles, and anxieties they had during the process of becoming a full-time teacher in the school. However, they told us that when they put all their faith in God all the pieces seem to fall in place. Where some lacked finances, they received support from their church and the community so that they could accomplish what God had called them to do. Their stories taught us that placing our faith in God can have an incredible impact on our lives and can get rid of all our anxieties.

Once we finished working at the school we took a small break, had lunch, and returned to VBS. Today we had the largest amount of kids they had all week and found it was quite hard to manage everybody; so, they decided to split them up into three groups. We played games, acted out skits, and sang songs along with the children. By the end of the day our class was very tired but still had the willingness to continue serving.

-Josh Hunter, David Pierce, Spencer Vanderlaan