Day 8

Day 8: Parting the Red Sea and preparing to say goodbye

Hola from Guatemala,

We are almost at the end of our trip. This morning we started off with our usual breakfast at 6:15. The walk up the hill is still difficult, and we are excited that we only have to climb the hill once more. We had worship this morning with the high school and we were prayed for by the Guatemalan students.

Josh went on a hamper run to the home of a family whose children attend the school that we have been working at for the last week. The father talked a little bit about his life, and it was very emotional. He explained that for a lot of his life he had a difficult walk with God. His mother recently passed away and his father is suffering from cancer. He talked about how he had to continue to stay faithful to God through all the trials he has went through. Although the walk up to his home was difficult with my toe (injured earlier this week), it was well worth it (especially at the end of the hamper run when we got ice cream).

While Josh was on the hamper run, Ben and Elias stayed back at the school and helped with English classes. We had conversations with the students. It was cool to know that they shared similar interests. After, we went back to the compound and prepared for VBS. We practiced our skit about Moses and the parting of the Red Sea. Later during the day, we played soccer with Guatemalans from the church. Everyone had lots of fun.

We’re looking forward to going out for lunch tomorrow, but we will be sad to say goodbye to the students.

-Ben, Josh and Elias