What We’re Doing

Welcome to the Class of 2022’s Grade 12 Missions Trip! Our students are on site at Ethnos Canada (in Durham) and at Beacon Bible Camp (Muskoka) this year where they will be learning about being missionaries and performing service work for these mission-minded organizations. Some students will work in the foreign mission field straight out of high school or later in life. All the students will find opportunities to be salt and light wherever the Lord leads them and will need the skills they will learn over this week-long adventure.

Before the team left, teachers and parents gathered to pray over the team. Also, our board chair Mr. Matte shared some words of encouragement. He showed the team the book containing the original notes from the committee of parents who founded MCA. He told the students that people have been praying for them for 36 years that they would grow to love the Lord and want to spread his light throughout the world.

Please join us in prayer and, if you are able, please support the Missions trip financially. Thank you!