We have arrived with all present and all our luggage, minus a few hours of sleep.  God has been very good to us from the time we got away from MCA, arriving at the airport very close to 10 pm and having mostly dry roads after Chatham.  We sailed through check in at the airport and the plane left on time.  We were a little concerned about having to collect our luggage in Mexico City and repeat customs, but found out that they have changed that and our luggage checked through to Guatemala City. 

So only a few moments of excitement when we discovered that they were making the final boarding call for our flight to Guatemala 45 minutes early.  However, there was still a good line-up and we were all on the shuttle bus that took us to the plane.  We had a good laugh when we realized the shuttle bus was taking us to the closest plane about 10 meters from the terminal. 

We have stopped enroute to Casa Verde for some lunch. This is the Global Shores compound where we will be staying.  This afternoon will be a few simple introductions to the community and some much needed rest.  Thank you for your prayers and all the encouragement.  We continue to rely on God, knowing that his faithfulness never changes. 

MCA Missions Team to Guatemala, January 22nd, 2019

Here is a photo of the team before we left the school. Watch for more updates and pictures over the next few days.