Day 6

Day 6: Home renovations and leaving children with a big smile

Today was a pretty eventful weekday as our group split up to paint the wall of the school and help with renovations of a home near the school. It was also the first day of our VBS program that we held at our Casa for all the children in Tizate.

A portion of the group that was painting the wall also took on the task of assisting in an English class. The other half of the group played with the kindergartners during recess. Stephen, Peter and Jesse ended up being attacked by the kids with dead grass which also showed that the 4-5-year-olds had infinite energy. The construction team moved dirt and created the rebar structure for the house renovations. They got a lot of work done even though they were distracted by the adorable kids and palm-sized puppies.

The first day of VBS was a success as we entertained the neighbourhood kids with crafts, music, games, snacks, and a drama about baby Moses. The kids were fully amused with the comedy and quality of the skit and left with a big smile on their face. Adios amigos.

— Stephen, Andrew, Peter