Day 5

Day 5: Worshipping with other students, prepping for VBS

Today our class went to the high school for chapel this morning. Everyone was involved in the wonderful worship songs. Even though we could not understand Spanish, we were deeply touched by the worship.

After the worship some students were sent to help English class, while others painted, worked on construction and drew the map of Guatemala. The students in the English class worked hard to learn English, and we helped to give them an oral test. Overall, they did fairly well.

After lunch the elementary students had a birthday party. It was two kids’ birthday and we served them pizza and Coke. Then we returned to our campus. We spent the afternoon getting ready for vacation bible school (VBS) tomorrow. We were split into five groups — music, snack, craft, games, and drama. We had a great time playing with the Guatemalan kids during that time.

After VBS prep, we went out and handed out invitations for VBS. When we came back, we had time to chill until dinner. After dinner Caleb and his wife, who are here to help our team, shared a bit about their story of how they ended up here and connected with Global Shores Opportunities.

– Eric, Erwin and Shawn