David Fuller

Secondary Vice Principal | Bible | English

“There’s no place like home,” said Dorothy, but for me home has always been hard to define. When I began teaching at MCA in 2015, our lives were unsettled. Moving to Windsor wasn’t really part of our plan, but we have learned not to question God’s plans. I grew up in the Philippines as a child of missionaries and that helped me get comfortable with being unsettled but also taught me the value of family and community. Seeing both of these values here at MCA has helped us to feel right at home.

Before coming to MCA, my wife and I spent ten years serving the Lord at a school in Bolivia, South America. We loved the cross-cultural experiences and opportunities this gave us and our five children. We loved seeing God’s faithfulness and provision in unexpected ways.

When we left, we didn’t think we could find another place with the same values of family and community, but here in Windsor, God showed us how he has been growing those values at MCA. It’s been exciting to see God plant seeds for his kingdom in the lives of our students, including on five international missions trips with our Grade 12 classes that I’ve been blessed to be part of.

I may always long for the tropical beaches and places with no snow, but home will always include Windsor and MCA.


M.Ed. – Abilene Christian University
B.Ed. – University Western Ontario
B.A.(Honours Linguistics and Creative Writing) – York University
OCT – Ontario Teacher’s Certificate

Basic Qualifications

Intermediate/Senior Division, English
Junior Division

Additional Qualifications

Dramatic Arts, Part 1