Bible drama at VBS

Today started out a little bit colder than most days. We ate breakfast and headed up to the school bright and early. This time there was no truck taking us up, so we all walked. We went into the high school chapel today and were blessed by the amazing worship the group had for us. We rounded out the morning by helping in the elementary breakfast program, serving and playing with the kids.  

Our group split off at this point, some went to construction, and some went to English class. At construction, we were sifting a mountain of sand to remove all of the rocks. Others had to tie together rebar, which we have done thoughout the week. At English class we wrote stories with the students and practiced conversations in English. Some of us had fun playing with the little kids at recess and then we went back down the hill for lunch.  

After lunch, we had our third day of vacation Bible school. A group of us did a skit of Jesus calming the storm. Then, we had a delicious dinner of shish-kabobs, rice and fresh fruit. Finally, we played a soccer game with Guatemalan teachers and staff. It was a very exciting day! 

Owen, Alisa and Sam