Barb Sharp

French | Drama | Careers & Civics

Acts 16:14-15 describes Lydia of Thyatira as a merchant or dyer of purple (cloth), and after her baptism she offers her house as a bed & breakfast for missionaries. I like Lydia. For decades, I’ve loved fabric art and needle arts, and have sewn clothing and spiritually-themed wall hangings for homes and places of worship. We have thoroughly enjoyed hosting missionaries and missionary families home on furlough multiple times, whenever the size of our house has permitted it.

My husband and I raised six children, all of whom are grown, two are married, and we have one grandchild so far. We moved to Windsor from the prairies, where I had taught French, Drama, Visual Art and ESL for more than 20 years, and it has been such a personal and professional blessing to be part of the Maranatha community since 2019.

May we all take joy in using what God has given us for His glory and for the encouragement of His people for the furtherance of the gospel.


B.Ed. – University of Saskatchewan (French and Drama)
OCT – Ontario Teacher’s Certificate
OCELT – TESL Ontario Accredited teacher

Basic Qualifications

Intermediate & Senior
Fine Arts

Additional Qualifications

Visual Art
ESL Part 1 (SK) and Part 2 (ON)