Iveta Campeau

Visual Arts| History | English| Writing

It has been my privilege to teach in Christian high schools for the past 24 years. I am passionate about how my subject areas of Literature, History and Art can be used to strengthen students’ ideas about faith toward a deeper understanding and relationship with God.

Whether my classes have been in the Bahamas, Toronto, or for the past 15 years here at MCA I have been blessed to see God’s hand working in my own life and my students’ lives.

I am an avid gardener and walker, and I enjoy seeing the connections of all creation to its Creator.


B.A. – University of Toronto
B.Ed. – University of Toronto
OCT – Ontario Teacher’s Certificate

Basic Qualifications

Intermediate/Senior Divisions, English and History

Additional Qualifications

Guidance and Career Education, Part 1
Honour Specialist, English and History