Day 1

Day One – We Have Arrived in Guatemala.

Our journey began as we left Maranatha Christian Academy at 2:30 pm on Wednesday. We are extremely grateful to Louis Matte and Rob Lofthouse for driving us to Toronto, where we settled into a Days Inn for the night. Some slept well and others not so well, but we were all eager to get going the next morning as we took the shuttle and a couple taxis to the airport. After a sorting out a few details, we made it through and on to the first plane this morning at 9:00 am.

All of the students were cooperative and we have begun to gel as a team. We have even learned to count to twenty as a team. Lots of fun!

We were met in Guatemala City, just after dark, by Global Shores leaders, Christoph and Fred. Praise God all our luggage arrived with us, and was loaded on top of a micro bus for the final leg of our journey today. After approximately 75 minutes, we arrived, had supper and have started to unpack, adjust and hopefully call it a “good day”.

God has been very good to us and we look forward to sending more posts as our journey unfolds