Boom! Boom! Boom!


By Ruth Kuipers & Sarah Robinson

Today we woke up to a ton of firecrackers going off right by our compound, we found out after that it was a morning wake up for a Guatemalan person’s birthday. After we all woke up, we ate breakfast and headed off to the school. When we got to the school, we first went to our assigned classrooms then after a bit we went to the high schoolers for morning worship. We were shocked again at how willing they are to give their everything to Jesus and not be ashamed. After, we went back to the little kids and hung out with them while they ate their food and took thousands of pictures of us and stole our sunglasses. We saw the kids after brushing their teeth in the centre of the school and spitting into a drain. This little boy named Diego kept filling his cheeks with toothpaste and going to the top of the stairs and spitting on the girls underneath. After, we went to the outside walls at the soccer field and the high school and painted them until lunch.

During the day, while others were painting, some of us went and helped the high school students learn their English and others played a game called Dutch Blitz, but this version was huge. Some other groups went out to the town who had kids in their first year at the school and gave them food baskets and interacted with the families.

For lunch, we visited local homes again, who had some sewing practices, tours and lessons about the school history and what the family has gone through. One group got to try on handmade Guatemalan clothes that a woman has made from scratch and we got to wear the skirt and the shirt.