Adina Haas

Educational Assistant

It has been my honour to serve as a staff member at Maranatha for 15 years.

I feel like I’ve been a teacher for most of my life. As the oldest of seven children, I’m sure I took on making worksheets for the younger siblings. At various schools, I’ve enjoyed teaching in JK, and Grade 1 to Grade 5.

When my children were young, I taught piano lessons in my home studio. I try to create interesting lessons for my students and build relationships with them, their families and my fellow staff. It is a blessing to be a part of Maranatha, a community that prays and seeks to serve the Lord together.

I enjoy women’s Bible studies and prayer fellowship groups.
“God’s love/mercy (chesed) endures forever.” Ps. 136:1b. I enjoy learning Hebrew words in scripture. (Chesed is a Hebrew word, which we have tried to translate in English but for which have no one word: lovingkindness, mercy, steadfast love, etc.)

My sense of adventure takes me biking and hiking on trails, day-tripping and even travelling to Israel.


B.A. – University of Windsor
B.Ed. – University of Windsor
OCT – Ontario Teacher’s Certificate

Basic Qualifications

Intermediate Division, Instrumental Music