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Welcome to MCA's Virtual Open House

Welcome to Maranatha Christian Academy’s Virtual Open House! In normal years, we hold an in-person event early in the year to showcase all aspects of our school. Since that wasn’t possible this year, our staff, students, parents and alumni have collaborated to create a virtual presentation. We encourage you to look through the entire Open House. (Even if you are a parent of a Kindergarten-aged child, check out our alumni page!)


In general, at Maranatha, every school day your children will learn more than just the basics. Learning, teaching and discipline are based on Biblical principles. The staff is instrumental in guiding all students in their academic growth and overall development while teaching them to view life through the lens of scripture and develop a Christian worldview. In addition, teachers view each student as a uniquely gifted person created in the image of God and strive to help them reach their God-given potential. Students are challenged to excel in a caring and constructive learning environment.


We have a well-rounded elementary curriculum, including French, music and computer training, that meets and, in many cases, exceeds the requirements of the Ontario Ministry of Education. Each student’s development is regularly evaluated, tested and reported.


The secondary school offers courses that lead to the Ontario Secondary School Diploma. Courses offered are in excess of 110 hours to qualify and the school is inspected biannually by officials from the Ministry of Education. The curriculum is achievable but challenging, and our students have benefited greatly from an atmosphere that encourages a culture of learning.


The students begin each day with prayer and devotions. Believing that all truth is God’s truth, this is just the beginning. Whether math or science, history, French or gym, God’s truth permeates their learning experiences.


At Maranatha Christian Academy, our students receive an education with a purpose: to learn, to lead and to impact their world for Christ.

MCA Distinctives

God’s word is the source of all wisdom and the final authority on the matters of life and learning. Students will come to understand that the Bible is relevant to all aspects of life. Maranatha seeks to provide facilities where the teachers and students can dedicate themselves to the communal task of teaching and learning the curriculum in the light of God’s three-fold revelation of Himself through the Scriptures, through Jesus Christ and through His creation.

Elected parents make up our Board and committees who in turn make all major policy decisions regarding the direction of our school. Your participation and presence at school is not only permitted but welcomed! As well, we consider the parents to be the primary spiritual teachers of their children. MCA’s role is to come alongside the parent and the church.

Maranatha is bathed in prayer. We have an organized Prayer Partnership network of dedicated friends and grandparents. Our Prayer Partners are called on regularly to take concerns to the Lord on our behalf. We also have a parent prayer group that meets weekly to pray for the staff, students and their families.In addition, there is prayer time at the beginning of every day for students, whether part of our chapel services or devotion times. Staff have also been known to pause and pray during their workday!

From the foundation of the school, the MCA community has felt a strong sense of calling by the Lord – to create the school and to operate the school in such a way as to honour Him. The teachers, each of whom is professionally qualified to teach, have a personal relationship and commitment to Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour. They value each student as created in the image of God and have a genuine desire to see each student grow to become a disciple of Jesus Christ.


We are an interdenominational school with about 40 churches represented in our membership. What unites us all is our Statement of Beliefs, which reflects what we teach. At least one parent must agree to the Statement of Beliefs to be eligible for admission to Maranatha.


Explore the School

We’ve designed this virtual tour to introduce you to some of our staff, students, parents, and alumni. We hope that these videos, photos, and information will give you a first-hand look at our school.

MCA's Community

Community is an important aspect of Maranatha. Throughout the year, we hold special events to allow us to spend time with one another. Enjoy these photos from just some of our community events!

Next Steps

We hope you enjoy your virtual tour of Maranatha Christian Academy.  Our admissions team is available to answer any additional questions you have and guide you through our admissions process. Please contact the MCA Admissions Office at To stay in touch with our school, follow us on social media where we post highlights of our school life.