By Luke Brouwer and Natalie Waffle

Mr. Waffle, arms full of a “good morning” welcome.

Yesterday, we started our day with coffee and eggs. Then, we hiked up the giant mountain (it’s actually a hill) to get to the school. When we reached the school, we each split and went to different grades to visit with the kids in their home rooms. After visiting for a few minutes, we all headed down to their main room to worship. After worship, we proceeded to start the work day. We had many different tasks to complete, including painting on scaffolding, creating flashcards, and helping the teachers prepare their schedules.

With a glorious view in the background, Luke and Joel help paint the face of the high school.
One of their favourite ministries is playing with the kids at recess.

After our work at the school was done, we went on to eat lunch and then welcome in the kids for VBS. The story of the day was Jonah and the whale. During yesterdays VBS, we re-enacted the story in a skit, we sang songs, did a craft, had snacks, and played different games that involved lots of running and screaming.

A rowdy game of Horse, Knights and Cavaliers (Caballos, Princessa, y Espada) has the students and children mingling before we start the VBS.
Our GSO leader, Fred Brown, helps our students lead some Spanish songs before they give out a snack.

After all the kids had gone home, we washed up and quickly ran down to the corner store to buy “coke in a bottle” before eating our dinner of chicken and rice. After dinner was over, we packed ourselves into the Global Shore’s and our guide Alfredo’s vans, and drove down into Jocotenango to visit the local church. The church service was insane! We have never heard such loud and passionate worship! Everything about it was amazing. After church service was over, we all packed back into the van, climbed all the way up to “the casa” and then collapsed into bed.