Frequently Asked Questions

Does MCA offer French?

Yes. French is taught in Grades 2-12.

Does MCA require uniforms?

Yes, for gym only. Uniforms are ordered in late October/early November, and the cost is approximately $22 per set, payable via cash or cheque. Please watch your newsletter for details.

Are there any clubs my child can join?

Elementary – Lego Robotics Club
Elementary – Chess Club

High School – First Robotics Club

Can I volunteer at the school and on field trips?

Yes! We welcome and encourage parents to get involved. You must see staff in the school office to acquire the necessary paperwork. This process does take some time, so please plan ahead.

How do I join a committee?

You can contact the committee chair via email (see Family Directory), or
Sign up at one of the membership meetings (fall/spring).
Please note that members of the certain committees are appointed only.

What school supplies are required?

The school supply list is located on our main page under the MCA Community -> Parents tab. It is updated each summer for the upcoming school year.