Our SHOPS gift card program is a major MCA fundraiser. You buy gift cards from your retailer of choice (groceries, gas, home and garden, entertainment, restaurants, and much more) and the retailer gives us a percentage. It costs you nothing extra. Really, we’re just asking asking you to change your method of payment!

SHOPS is very flexible, from ordering to delivery. We will work with every budget, routine and schedule.




Maranatha’s SHOPS program offers a wide variety of gift cards for purchase. MCA gets up to ten percent of the face value of each card, and this percentage greatly helps raise funds for the school’s needs.

By participating in SHOPS and buying cards that you can use on a daily basis, you are benefiting the school.


For example: If you usually shop at the Real Canadian Superstore, instead of paying with debit or credit, use a gift card that you purchased at the SHOPS table.


Maranatha gets 4% of the value of that card (if the card is $100, that’s $4 in the school’s pocket). Some retailers, like Windsor Crossings, give Maranatha 10%!


Please see the order form for a complete list of retailers and percentage of return to the school.




The SHOPS table is open right outside the main office during the following hours:


  • Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings—8:30-9 a.m.
  • Monday, Wednesday and Thursday after school—3:30-4 p.m.
  • Online 24/7


Payments are made either when you place or pick up your order, in the form of cash, etransfer or cheque. Post-dated cheques are accepted within one week.


Etransfers can be sent to Contact SHOPS staff or the office for the password.


For the summer months or extended holidays, you can buy your stash of cards all at once and use post-dated cheques to cover the total over a specified number of weeks. Please see SHOPS staff for more info.