Elementary Athletics

Elementary Athletics participates in two divisions – a local Windsor league (comprised of Christian and/or private schools) and the southwestern Ontario Christian Schools league.  We also participate and compete in a local public school floor hockey league.  Practice games against public schools occur throughout the year, for the seasonal sports.



All students are encouraged to try out for any team. Age, skill level, and size are determining factors on team participation.   Preference is given to the older Gr. 7 & 8 students, and to those with high commitment to attend practices and games.

What / When?

The Elementary athletic teams provided at Maranatha Christian Academy for both males and females are:


  1. Cross Country (available for Grs. 2-8):  Sept-Oct
  2. Soccer:      Sept-Oct
  3. Volleyball:  Oct-Nov
  4. Basketball:  Dec-Jan
  5. Floor Hockey (available for Juniors Grs. 4-6 and Grs. 7-8):  Feb-Mar
  6. Track and Field:  May-June



All practices will be at Maranatha Christian Academy.  Usually from 3:30pm-4:45pm.


  • Practice games may be scheduled at local public/private schools.
  • Parent drivers are needed to transport the team members.
  • Dismissal of these athletes could be as early as 2:45pm.
  • Pick-up of student athletes would be at these schools around 5:00pm (or earlier).
  • 2-3 practice games a week are possible.


Presently, Maranatha participates in the following tournaments:


  • Cross Country:  Windsor (Malden Hill), Sarnia (Canatara Park)
  • Soccer:      Chatham (Chatham Christian School)
  • Volleyball:  Windsor (Ste. Cecile), Bowmanville* (local Christian schools)
    *The Bowmanville Tournament is a large tourney of varying skill levels.  This is a two-day tourney.  Accommodations are provided for one night.
  • Basketball:  London (London Christian School), Windsor (Ste. Cecile)
  • Floor Hockey:    Grs. 4-6 (local public schools), Grs.7-8 (Maranatha)
  • Track and Field: Maranatha Field Day (Grs. 2-8, at MCA), Chatham District Track & Field Meet (MCA hosts, but it’s located at Sandwich Secondary School)


Try-outs are advertised at chapels (Monday mornings), homeroom teachers, and/or in the newsletter (also published on Mondays).  Interested students will be instructed on how to sign up, but it will likely be in their classrooms, or by going to the teacher rep at recess.


Practice times and schedules will be given to those who sign up.  When the team is selected, athletes will be responsible for rides to and from scheduled games.


Car-pooling is available.




Elementary lunchtime intramurals may include flag football, soccer, floor hockey, volleyball, etc.


Age groups may vary:  Juniors-Grs. 4-6 and Seniors-Grs. 7-8.


Teachers set the teams and all games are supervised in the gymnasium or on soccer field.

High School Athletics

High School athletics are governed by WECSSAA (Windsor Essex County Secondary School Athletic Association), which has a Constitution by which all schools must abide.


This can be found at




Anyone of high school age and is enrolled in the high school can compete in high school athletics.  All you need to do is sign-up when the Teacher Rep posts the sheet, come out to practice and if you make the team – commit to practices and games/meets.


The Athletic teams offered at Maranatha Christian Academy High School are:


  • Sr. Girls & Sr. Boys Basketball
  • Sr. Girls & Sr. Boys Volleyball
  • Badminton (Girls & Boys)
  • Swimming (Girls & Boys)
  • Cross-country (Girls & Boys divided into Midget Gr. 9 age, Junior Gr. 10 age & Senior Gr. 11 and 12)
  • Track & Field (Girls & Boys divided into Midget Gr. 9 age, Junior Gr. 10 age & Senior Gr. 11 and 12)
  • Soccer – Sr. Boys
  • Ultimate Frisbee (coed)



  • Fall Season – Sr. Girls Basketball, Sr. Boys Volleyball & Cross-Country
  • Winter Season – Swimming, Sr. Girls Volleyball, Sr. Boys Basketball
  • Winter/Spring – Badminton
    (Starts practice in January and ends in April)
  • Spring – Track & Field & Soccer


Also, in terms of practice times after school the gym is shared and scheduled between the elementary and high school. Early practice starts at 3:45pm till 4:50pm then late practices start at 4:50pm till 6pm.  Coaches are responsible for disseminating this information to their athletes.


  • Most team practices (i.e. Basketball, Volleyball & Badminton) take place in the gym at Maranatha.
  • Cross-Country practices are at Malden Park.
  • Swimming practices are at St. Clair.
  • Track & Field early-in-season practices are at Maranatha (i.e. March), then at the Sandwich Secondary Track starting in April.
  • Soccer practices are at the Maranatha field.



How do I find out about my son/daughter’s game location, place and time?

Go to and click on whichever Tier they are playing in and then click on Maranatha.  From there you can print off a game schedule/place/time.

* According to the WECSSAA Constitution: Article XIII Section 13.02 V “…. A student MUST be in attendance for the entire school day on the day of a WECSSAA competition or have approval of the school administration in the case of an acceptable extenuating circumstance (ie: funeral, special medical appointments, and religious holiday).


High school lunch time intramurals or activity time usually happens every Tuesday and Thursday from 1-1:25pm.


A high school teacher must supervise this.