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Parents Involvement

Parents and members participate in the school’s program by serving on the Board of Directors and/or its various committees. We utilize many volunteers in various capacities at the school. Activities outside the school such as field trips and inter-scholastic events also involve parents and promote close co-operation among parents, teachers and students. All members set major policies for the school and adopt the budget at the spring membership meeting.



A weekly newsletter, MCA News, keeps parents and students informed of each grade’s homework, tests, class trips and other school activities.
The Maranatha Messenger, the school newspaper, is distributed three times per year (Spring, Fall and Winter) to keep everyone informed of school activities.


Parents are encouraged to become involved by volunteering their time at school during the school day to help teachers at various tasks such as teacher aiding, making bulletin boards, marking notebooks or work sheets, or a variety of other activities. If you are interested, please contact the principal. Since tuition fees do not cover the entire budget, there are a number of ways in which parents and members work together to balance the school’s budget.


Fundraising Committee

The Fundraising Committee is committed to raising significant amounts in order to defray tuition costs to all families. Since all benefit, all are encouraged to participate in the following events:

  • MCA Banquet: Tickets to the banquet are purchased by those who wish to attend both for themselves and guests. Entertainment is provided in addition to a delicious meal. Since the guests are aware this is a fundraising event, all present are given the opportunity to contribute a donation to MCA. This event is usually held during the winter months.
  • Walkathon: In the Spring, students, having collected sponsors from within and from outside our school association, walk a prescribed course on a school afternoon, with the proceeds going to the Fundraising Committee.

MCA Shops

Certificates are offered for sale at a table in the front foyer throughout the school year covering many items from groceries to Tim Horton’s and most things between. The school receives a percentage from those many retailers which is used to defray the budget. This is a painless method of fund raising since these are a regular part of a family’s budget and has generated many thousands of dollars even though the program is in its beginning stages.