Application Process

Thank you  for your interest in Maranatha Christian Academy.  We offer scheduled visits during the school year to help you make an informed choice.  You will have the opportunity to tour the school, visit classrooms, and meet with our principal.  All you have to do is register online and we will take care of the rest.


How Do I Apply?

We encourage prospective parents to visit the school to pick up a welcome package and application form. Alternatively, you may contact the office so we can mail this to you; or, if you prefer, download the application form at the link below. This form should only be used by families who plan to live locally during the school year in question. Once completed you can send to the school office via email or post mail. For international families who would like to send their child to live and board in Windsor while he/she attends MCA high school, please see the “International Students” page.



What Does Your Tuition Cost?

Tuition fees are reviewed annually and schedules are available upon request at the office. Tuition is normally paid with ten post-dated cheques given to the school in June, dated for the first of each month. If you are blessed in such a way that you can contribute more than the minimum stipulated tuition you are encouraged to do so. Annually a portion of the income budgeted for the school year is collected from donations. Fund raising activities are organized each year by the Fund Raising Committee. Your help is required to allow this task to be effectively carried out. You are therefore asked to pledge your assistance to this important activity.

New Families:

Those who enroll their children for the first time at Maranatha Christian Academy pay a non-refundable deposit at the time of enrollment which equals two months’ tuition. This deposit will be applied to tuition fees due for the coming year.

Withdrawal Fee:

Families who withdraw their children from Maranatha Christian Academy during the school year are subject to a withdrawal fee of up to three months’ tuition in addition to the tuition fees due for the actual time the children attended Maranatha. The fee will be based on the circumstances for the withdrawal and the amount applied as at the discretion of the board.

Tuition Reduction:

Families with financial issues, enrolled at Maranatha in excess of one year, may request tuition relief. Appropriate information is shared with the Finance Committee which makes a decision regarding each individual application with a variety of options considered.

Pastor’s Tuition Reduction:

Full time pastors who enroll their children at MCA receive a 20% tuition reduction. This is done in recognition of their example as spiritual leaders by sending their own children to a Christian school and by encouraging families to consider Christian education for their children.

What Are Your Admission Policies

  • No child is excluded from the school on grounds of race, colour or national origin. Enrollment is open to any child from a Christian home where at least one parent has committed his/her life to Christ as his/her personal Saviour and agrees with the Constitution of Maranatha Christian Academy, including the Statement of Beliefs and Statement of Educational Principles outlined in it.
  • Application forms must be completed before families will be considered for membership and enrollment at Maranatha.
    New families will be interviewed by the Principal and visited by two members of the Visitation Committee. Families must be accepted as members of the school association before their children are enrolled in full-time education at Maranatha.
  • Children may be enrolled at Maranatha if they meet the following requirements:
    -Junior Kindergarten – four years of age by December 31 of that school year.
    -Senior Kindergarten – five years of age by December 31 of that school year.
    -Grade One – six years of age by December 31 of that school year.
    -Other Elementary Grades – Age appropriate to the grade level, normally following the sequence above.
    -High School Students – will normally be enrolled at Maranatha as their credits allow.
  • Students will pass entrance testing to ensure academic ability is compatible with projected class level.
  • Kindergarten children, or children attending Maranatha for the first time, must have Immunization Records up-to-date prior to their first day at school. If parents decide to opt out of this, a letter must be provided confirming this decision to Maranatha. All children from other countries outside of Canada must have their Immunization Records up-to-date and will attend the Windsor-Essex County Health Unit for mandatory school screening tests.
  • All students should provide the school with a copy of their birth certificate or passport, in order to confirm official name and date of birth. Foreign nationals must also provide a copy of their Student Visa or Student Permit which allows them to study in a Canadian school.

Book A Tour At Maranatha Christian Academy!

We are available for school tours Mon to Fri, 9AM – 3:30PM