by Mr. Fuller

We left home ten days ago and traveled to a country and a culture we didn’t know. We made Casa Verde our home, coming and going as we met people, served people, and learned from the people of Guatemala. Then it was time to return home to people, places and things that are familiar to us. Sometimes ‘home’ is difficult to define, but we definitely learned that if God is with us, than we can be at home. God has been so faithful to us throughout this whole trip. And now we are home, again.

We were honoured and humbled to have the elementary children pray for us on Friday, our last day at the Elementary morning chapel.

Saturday, February 2nd, was a travel day for us. We left Casa Verde in El Tizate, Guatemala at 7:30 am and flew out of Guatemala City four hours later. After a four hour layover in Mexico City, we took off on our final flight just before sunset. We must have had a good tailwind because we landed in Toronto almost 30 minutes ahead of our scheduled time. Customs was smooth and quick and we were on our way back to Windsor by midnight. We were very grateful to Parkwood Gospel Church for providing a bus that met us at the airport and delivered us to MCA by 4:15 AM.

This sunset was one of our last views of Mexico as our plane flew east for home.

Thank you family and friends, for your prayers and support. You have prayed for us from home to home. Please continue to pray for us as we process all that God has shown us over these last ten days. May we become more like Him.