High School March 26-29, 2018

Fridays are always good, but this Friday is especially so. We praise you, God, for your love demonstrated for us on the cross!

Welcome to Mr. James Krasinkiewicz, a student teacher from the University of Windsor.  He is teaching some of our science and math courses under the guidance of Mr. Kuikman and Mrs. Xu.  He is also the Youth Director at Ambassador Baptist Church.   

The Robotics team, INFINITY 4595, is putting the final touches on their robot in time for the WINDSOR ESSEX GREAT LAKES EVENT (click left for the schedule, which should be up by Friday morning).  It happens March 30 – March 31, at the St. Denis Centre, University of Windsor.   Come on out and cheer them on!   Last year, our team along with an alliance team from Toronto achieved first place in this competition!

Why study Greek mythology in Grade 9 English?  Read these samples from student writing to discover one reason why.

“When we compare what God has done for us and what the Greek gods do for their people, it is clear that our God is so much more loving.  Greek gods are selfish and greedy and will only help if it benefits them.  Our God is nothing like this.  He sacrifices himself for us by dying on the cross to forgive our sins” (Paige Lofthouse).

“The Greek gods created man out of clay without a purpose.  God created man in his image.  It says in the Bible that God breathed into man and created them with a purpose, to glorify Him” (Eldon Bunce).

“The Greek gods were made out of the chaos that also created the universe.  But God, the God of the Bible, made the universe and time itself.  God was always, the alpha and the omega; he has more power than all the Greek gods put together” (Josh Matte). 

Albert Einstein said, “Creativity is contagious, pass it on”. Our grade 12 students are seen here immersed in such creativity.

Patty Broom